The WMD is committed to seeing the Kingdom of God expanded in every way possible.


One of the ways we act on that commitment is through our United Stewardship Fund (USF) investments each month. Here is a simple break down of a USF dollar.


-31.6 % goes to the Wesleyan Denominational Headquarters

-31.6 % goes to the five Wesleyan Educational Institutions

-31.6 % goes to serve churches right here in the WMD

-5%  goes directly into church planting efforts in the WMD


New church Plant Adjustment: Whenever a district plants a new church, the USF obligation for that church shall be phased in over the first five years of its operation in the following manner. Each church receives a monthly statement from the District Office for the amount that is due.


Year 1 – No Obligation


Year 2 – 25% of the regular assessment


Year 3 – 50% of the regular assessment


Year 4 – 75% of the regular assessment


Year 5 – 100% of the regular assessment

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