Here is information to aid you in your regular reporting to The West Michigan District and The Wesleyan Church.



Numbers are to be entered by the 10th of the month for the previous months results.  To enter the numbers go to the following link and follow the directions:


Quarterly Finance Report

This is a monthly report that has to be filed on a quarterly basis.  For your convenience you may send this on a monthly basis to This report is reviewed by the DBA at their quarterly meetings.


Download Report Template

Headquarters Annual Statistical Report

This is the annual report that has to be completed in June of every year.  It is an in-depth report and it would be beneficial to have someone review it at the very beginning of your church plant so that you will have an idea of information you will needing by year’s end. You can find a copy of this report by clicking here:


The District Office sends out an email in early May with instructions as to where to find this on the website.


Payroll Preparation

Acrisure Business Outsourcing Services is a company that will prepare payroll.  This is very advantageous to church plants and smaller churches.  It costs approximately $3.50 per employee.  Shari Brown will help you set up your account. You may reach her at or the district office at 616-827-9450 ext. 562

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