Official Paperwork For A New Church


Step 1 – Select a Church Name

Start with a great name. Before an organization can become tax exempt, it must first select a name. DOWNLOAD SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR CHOOSING A CHURCH NAME

suggestions for choosing a name

Step 2 – Establish a PO Box or Address

If you do not have a permanent church facility, consider getting a PO Box. In most areas, a PO Box is less than $25 per year. A church name is all that is needed for obtaining a PO Box. Some local mail shops are now offering PO Boxes with an actual address rather than a PO Box address. If you start in temporary rented facilities, consider getting a PO Box for your official mail.




Step 3 – Get an EIN (Tax ID) Number

An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, is a nine-digit number that the IRS assigns to business entities. The process of obtaining a Federal Tax Number is very simple and it’s FREE. Click here to apply online via the IRS web site. You must have an EIN number to obtain status as a new church with the Wesleyan Headquarters.




Step 4 – Establish a Church Checking Account

Armed with the products from steps 1-4 above, you can open a business checking account. Many banks offer a free (no fees) checking account to non-profit organizations. The bank may want to see your tax exempt approval letter from the IRS to set the account up as a non-profit. Opening an account will usually take two trips to the bank. One visit to obtain the application form and a second to submit the form. In most cases, your designated Board will need a signed resolution to establish the account.




Step 5 – Notice of New Church Listing

Download the Notice of New Church Listing form here. Once the form has been completed send to You may be told you need to complete a 501c3 which is a tax law provision granting exemption from the federal income tax to non-profit organizations. All churches are under the tax exemption umbrella of The Wesleyan Church. You can receive a certified declaration of this by contacting headquarters or the district office once you have completed and returned the Notice of New Church Listing and they will send you a certificate if you wish to have one.




Step 6 – Register at

Create your new account on the Wesleyan Pastor’s Portal



1. Go to

2. On the login page click “register” on the right side of the screen

3. On the Register Account screen you need to enter your first name, last name, email and a password. (Can be the

    pastor, or whoever is inputting the stats.) • The email address will become your login username. • The password

    must be a minimum of six characters in length, contain at least one letter, and contain at least one number or

    symbol. List of approved symbols !@#$%^&*

4. The page also requires you to enter the captcha image for security purposes.

5. Click Submit. If the registration was successful you will see a message stating: • An email has been sent to you at

    (the email address they entered). You must verify your email address is legit. Check your inbox or junk email

    folder to activate your account.

6. The system will send you an email. Inside the email you need to click on the link, which verifies your account.

    If there is a pastor record in the database with the same email address the system will automatically approve the

    request. If there is not a match of email addresses then you will receive an email from granting

    your approval.


DBA Approval Needed for the Following Items:


-Any expenditure that is over 10% of the budget

-Signing of ANY contract

-Purchase of land

-Purchase of building

-Lease of building of any type

-Hiring Staff with earnings of over $7,500 a year

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