Step 1: PrayeR

As you begin the discernment process, formally invite several close friends and mentors in your life to start praying for you.




Step 2: Read & Process

Read and process Are You Ready to Plant a New Church? A Discernment Guide for Church Planters.

Step 3: Self-Assessment Test

Go to, take the free self assessment test (be sure to select the agency: The Wesleyan Church- Church Multiplication and Discipleship), and then email your results to Chris Conrad (Church Planting Catalyst).




Step 4: Church Planter’s Application

Complete the Church Planters Application and email to Chris Conrad (Church Planting Catalyst).

Step 5: Advisory Appointment

Schedule an initial advisory appointment with Chris Conrad.




Step 6: Church Planting Assessment

Make arrangements to be involved in the next Church Planting Assessment Center. Contact the Assessment Center Administrator, Andy Merritt for details.




Once you have completed these steps you are ready to move on to The Accepting the call Stage.


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