Preparing for Pre-Launch

-Design Website

-Organize Prayer Team

-Create a Vision Video

-Design Informational Brochures

-Organize a Table Display

 -Organize Contact Database

-Send Out Support Letters

-Design Monthly Ministry Update Letters

-Create Calendar of Events

-Launch Team Messages

-Name Selection/Logo Design

-Audio/Sound Equipment

-Faith Statement Refined

-Tax Exempt Status

-Sales Tax Exception (not applicable in some states)

-Checking Account Secured

-Payroll Setup with Quickbooks

-CPA and Bookkeeping Services

-P.O. Box Secured

-Church Phone Line & Number Secured

-Bulk Mail Permit or use

-Church Charter

-Draft Ministry Budget





Preparing for the Launch


-Church Brochures and Handouts

-Church Website/Facebook Page

-Newspaper Ads

-Newspaper Articles/Press Release


-Signs and Banners

-Radio and Public TV Announcements

-Contact Local Officials

-Administration Policies

-Church Legalities

-Incorporation Registration

-Employment ID Numbers

-Bulletin Layout

-Offering Envelopes/Online Giving/iPad Giving Kiosk


-Business Cards

-Visitor/Connection Cards

-Baptism Certificates

-Visitor Packets/Booklets/Gifts

-Order of Services/Planning Center Online

-Yearly Calendar of Events

-Annual Teaching Plan

PDF List of "Checklist phase"

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